New Zealand Labour Party

Fact Check: Housing and Homelessness

Isn’t there a housing boom?

No - the construction sector has stalled. Last month, Auckland had 300 fewer building consents than the same time last year. Even before consents stalled, there were fewer than under the last Labour Government.

Isn’t KiwiBuild an unrealistic plan? Who’ll build all those houses, and where will they go?

No, it is a fully costed and detailed plan. New Zealand has  had huge house-building projects before. Right now, the construction industry is stalling, so we’ll get them building houses - and we’ll make them affordable for first home buyers. We’ll also train up young people through our various schemes - like three years free and Dole for Apprenticeships - to get them building houses. As well as that, we’ve got skills categories in our immigration policy so people will be able to bring in more builders - and our KiwiBuild visa means that for every foreign worker a firm brings in, they also need to train up an apprentice.

Will Labour collapse the housing market?

No. Labour will stabilise the housing market by cracking down on speculators, but we’ll also build new starter homes at an affordable price for first home buyers.

Wasn’t National actually the first Government to fund emergency housing for homeless people?

Only because they have presided over record homelessness  resulting from a broken housing market. The budget for emergency housing has been blown out - they budgeted $2 million for the first year, and spent $29 million in the first nine months. Labour believes we have to do better.

How will Labour end homelessness in two terms?

We’ll implement the findings of a cross-party inquiry we worked on with the Greens and the Māori Party, including:

  • Rolling out Housing First as the primary response to severe homelessness;
  • Increasing the state housing stock;
  • Building more affordable homes, reducing the costs of building a home, and tackling speculation in the property market; and
  • Creating a national strategy to end homelessness.

Read our full housing plan here.