New Zealand Labour Party

Fact Check: Jacinda

Is she really ready to be Prime Minister?

Jacinda’s been an MP for nine years now.During her time in Parliament, she’s championed children and fought against the poverty many of our kids face. She’s also developed policy to make life easier for small businesses.

Since she became Leader, Jacinda has shown she’s got the strength and the smarts to lead New Zealand - including standing up for us when the Australian Foreign Minister had a go at her. And before she was at the forefront of politics, Jacinda spent years working behind the scenes as an advisor here and overseas. (Plus it doesn’t hurt she’s had a glowing endorsement from Helen Clark!)

Jacinda has proven she’s a strong, decisive leader with good judgment and nine years of experience. That’s exactly what we need in our Prime Minister.

What about the whole team - are they ready to lead?

Definitely! We’ve got a really fresh team with an awesome mix of youth and experience. And just as importantly, we’ve also got great policies and plans to fix things up, and make New Zealand a better, fairer place.