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Say no to #FalseFacts: National's latest misleading maths

Negative National’s spin machine is back in full swing this week, claiming that our Government is adding $100 a week to the cost of living.

Thankfully, the Government doesn’t take its statistics from Simon Bridges or Amy Adams, but instead from Statistics NZ.

Here's a breakdown of National’s misleading “facts” and the reality behind them.

National's claim: Fuel excise increases will add $15/week ($780/year) to the cost of living.

Reality: National is on a completely different page to the experts.

Nationwide, the AA estimates an average motorist would pay an extra $2.50/week. 

In Auckland only, the AA estimates the cost would be $5/week overall.

National's claim: The Government is responsible for $21/week increase in cost of food.

Reality: National pulled this claim from a recent study – but the report doesn’t state the Government is responsible at all.

If National had read the report, they would have seen that in Christchurch the price of food went down. The authors even state that some of the food cost increases are due to extreme weather events wiping out crops. Surely the Government cannot be blamed for the weather.

Nobody except National has said the Government has anything do with these price changes.

National's claim: Rents are rising by $20 a week.

Reality: Rents have been static since December.

National has focused on New Zealand-wide figures, which are boosted by one or two main cities.

Any increase is more than offset by increases to the accommodation supplement, Working for Families, student loan payments and student allowances.

National's claim: Cancelled tax cuts cost families $1,000 a year or $40 a week.

Reality: $1,000/year is $20/week, not $40/week. That’s just math.

What’s more, many of these families receive much more than that back from the Government’s new Families Package, which National’s figures do not account for.

This extra support will see 384,000 families benefit by an average of $75/week.

National's claim: Slowing GDP growth costs an average family $10/week.

Reality: GDP per capita (and therefore family) is growing faster – not slower – under this Government than it did under National.

National is being deliberately misleading.

Our GDP growth is not slowing – it’s forecast to be about the same under our Government as forecast when National left office.

Real GDP growth per person, however, is what matters to the average family. That’s what actually changes the amount of money in each person’s pocket.

  • Under 9 years of National, real GDP growth per capita averaged 0.84% a year
  • Under our Government, real GDP growth per capita is forecast to average 1.26% a year

Those aren’t Labour's numbers - they’re Treasury’s numbers.

Say no to #FalseFacts.

Say yes to a more honest & transparent Government.