New Zealand Labour Party

Farm workers 20 times more likely to be killed

New data released by Labour shows workers are almost 20 times more likely to be killed in the agriculture sector than in other workplaces, Labour’s Workplace Safety spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

Despite this, Agriculture is missing from regulations listing high risk.

“National is putting farmers, farm workers and their families at risk by failing to provide the full protection of health and safety laws for the most dangerous of our workplaces.

“The Minister told Parliament yesterday that he expected Agriculture would always have a high number of deaths and injuries.

“That's not acceptable. The National Government’s acceptance of high death and injury rates on farms is alarming.

“Last year 18 people working in the agriculture sector lost their lives.

 “Today’s reported death of a Wairarapa forestry worker is a tragic reminder of why we need robust health and safety laws,” Sue Moroney says.