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A life of service in humility is a life of gratitude worth living.

Fesaitu was born and raised in Rotuma, a Polynesian island and a dependency of Fiji. She emigrated to Aotearoa New Zealand over fifteen years ago and currently live in Meadowbank with her partner.

She holds two business qualifications from the University of Auckland (MBA, PgDipBus), and run her own media production consultancy business with over 20 years experience in media (television and radio), focusing on business strategy, engagement, and production.

Additionally, she is a Rotuman language educator and translator and will soon publish Aotearoa's first bilingual poetry collection in Rotuman and English.

She strongly advocates in areas of cost of living, crime, social housing, education, health, protection of rights of all genders, minorities, rainbow communities, and decisions that impact climate change.

Furthermore, she is actively involved in supporting families and youth in her community. The values that guide her through life are family, faith, community, respect, love, and relationship.

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