New Zealand Labour Party

Flawed system rates death traps as safe

ACC Minister Nikki Kaye needs to come clean about what really lies behind the reclassification of 18 vehicles in her new motor vehicle registration system introduced today, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

"New Zealanders deserve the truth about the new levies, which will see more than a million drivers of older vehicles pay an average of $40 more than what they would have under the previous system.

“Nikki Kaye has been quick to blame ACC for what she says is a coding error, but it now appears there were fundamental flaws in the Monash University data the entire system is based on.

"That means – as safety campaigner the Dog and Lemon’s Clive Matthew-Wilson points out – a number of death trap vehicles have been given good safety ratings. Conversely it also assesses some low risk, safe vehicles as high risk and unsafe; therefore charging a higher registration fee than necessary.

“In other words National's new car registration levy system will not only be more financially costly to those who can least afford to pay, but it could be costly in terms of road safety and lives.

“Nikki Kaye needs to ditch the defective system and go back to the levy setting system that would have seen all registrations for petrol-powered cars reduced to $104 today,” Sue Moroney says.