New Zealand Labour Party

Foreign forest owners must supply local mills

The Government needs to crack down on foreign companies that are buying up forests and selling logs overseas, leaving local sawmills short on supply, says Labour’s Forestry spokesman Stuart Nash.


“There’s no point in shipping logs overseas for processing when there’s local sawmills that can do the job. These businesses have invested in their mills for the long term, creating good local jobs, and should be assured of supply.

“It is extremely concerning that foreign forestry companies are swooping in and buying up our trees to sell offshore, without considering the local community and businesses.


“Local sawmills should have access to local logs at export equivalent prices. The Government needs to make sure these foreign companies are keeping them adequately supplied.


“The Government needs to hold these companies to account on the promises they made when they received their consent to buy the land.


“We shouldn’t stand for local businesses being cut out of the supply chain by foreign companies. We can do better than this,” said Stuart Nash.