New Zealand Labour Party

Gerry Brownlee’s revolving airport door story

A new report shows Gerry Brownlee is the latest Cabinet Minister to have contracted the infectious tell-porkies-until-you-are-caught disease, Labour’s Chief Whip Chris Hipkins says.

“A Civil Aviation Report out today shows that despite being an extremely recognisable figure, Gerry Brownlee managed to sneak through a security door before an airport employee could warn him not to.

“This is in direct contradiction to what the Minister initially said about the incident.

“At first Gerry Brownlee said he didn’t even realise he hadn’t gone through security until he was back in Wellington.

“Then he said he asked to go through and was given the okay by the staffer.

“Now it turns out he actually barged through.

“Gerry Brownlee’s revolving story about the airport door has hallmarks of the Prime Minister’s insistence he doesn’t have contact with Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater.

“John Key and his Ministers can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Confronted with tricky situations, their first instinct is to lie. They only fess up when they have to.

“This is a sorry state of affairs for those charged with leading our country,” Chris Hipkins says.