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Gerry-It’s time for justice

Four years on from the February quake, a group of Cantabrians have had their plea for justice upheld by the Supreme Court. It’s time for Gerry Brownlee to be fair with these people and let them move on with their lives, says Canterbury Earthquake Recovery spokesperson Ruth Dyson. 

“The Supreme Court has issued its decision on the Quake Outcasts case and has made it clear that Gerry Brownlee’s previous offer is wrong and must be re-visited. This is consistent with previous court rulings.

 “It has been emotionally and financially draining taking these legal actions. The residents have felt bullied and dismissed by Gerry Brownlee and the government.  But they have been successful in taking this action and deserve to have a prompt and fair response from the Minister. 

“It is also time for the EQC legislation to be altered to ensure that bare land and commercial land can be insured to avoid a similar situation ever arising. 

“The determination from the Supreme Court is the end of a long road. Consistent court determinations have ruled in favour of the appellants. They deserve a prompt and positive response.  

“The Prime Minister came to Canterbury after the first earthquake and said that no one would be worse off as a result of the quakes. It’s time for him to make good on that promise.,” says Ruth Dyson. 

The Court decision