New Zealand Labour Party

Get The Flock Outta Here!

Revelations the taxpayer picked up a hefty tab for repairs to model sheep have been trumped by news of the overall bill for last year’s MoBIE Christmas function, says Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Clark.

“Minister Joyce oversees a department that allocated $20,000 for a Christmas party while MoBIE proves incapable of sticking to its gold-plated budget.

“Taxpayer fleecing has been taken to a whole new level. The sheep repairs were just the beginning. We now know MoBIE blew the budget and spent a whopping $25,741 on their Christmas party.

“Minister Joyce’s department spent $2800 on props and repairs alone while MoBIE has morphed from white elephant to black sheep.



“Today’s MoBIE revelation is the latest in a series of embarrassing budgetary decisions the Minister has overseen.

 “It comes hot on the heels of Labour’s revelations that two model sheep – hired at a cost of $85 each, needed more than $500 worth of repairs following festive high jinks at last year’s MoBIE Christmas function.

 “Steven Joyce has previously been forced to apologise over extravagance in the departmental refit that included a $67,000 sign, a $23,000 fridge, a $140,000 TV, a sundeck and top of the line hair straighteners.

“Steven Joyce doesn’t have a dog’s show of explaining his way out of this latest embarrassing extravagance.  He can’t close the stable door now the sheep have bolted,” says David Clark.