New Zealand Labour Party

Glitches galore in rego system rollout

ACC Minister Nikki Kaye should stop making excuses and just admit her new vehicle licensing system is a lemon after more botch ups were uncovered this week, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“Last week 18 different vehicle models had to be reclassified under her system. This week that number has climbed to 24.

“To make matters worse, because of the way the Minister introduced the new regulations, every time a new mistake is discovered she has to get agreement from Cabinet and signed approval from the Governor-General.

"It took weeks of individual complaints, a Parliamentary Question from me, a complaint from Toyota and now an investigation by Fair Go before she acquiesced on the safety rating of one vehicle –the Toyota Avensis.

“The Right Car link on ACC’s own website showed it was classified as ‘high safety’, yet the registration system rated it one of the most unsafe.

“The new system is faulty, confusing, badly implemented and fundamentally unfair.

"The shambles could have been avoided by a $104 across the board levy for all petrol cars.

“Right now it is like watching a car wreck in slow motion,” Sue Moroney says.