New Zealand Labour Party

Good sports Darlene and Gwendoline sign up to Young Labour


One minute they were in McDonalds, the next Darlene Tusani and Gwendoline Foliga were signing up as the newest members of Young Labour – and getting photobombed by David Cunliffe.

The pair are both studying sports management and exercise prescription at the New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS) in Wellington – and spotted a vocal Young Labour group waiting to meet David Cunliffe’s train at Wellington Railway Station on Monday.

“We both come from Labour families and when we saw all the Young Labour supporters we decided to go over and find out how we could join,” said Gwendoline.

“As soon as we got over to them, we felt the spirit and thought ‘we are in’ and signed up for Young Labour. People are incredibly welcoming. We ended up joining everyone to walk to Fraser House – I think David was pretty impressed with how much noise we could make.”

The pair are due to head off on a US tour with the NZIS all-campus women’s rugby team – but they have something important to do first.

“We’ll be casting our early votes tomorrow – we’re really looking forward to voting Labour,” said Darlene.