New Zealand Labour Party

Government backs down on bulk funding

Labour welcomes the Government’s decision to abandon bulk funding, says Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins.

 “This is the second time the Minister has tried to push through a proposal to increase class sizes so it’s another embarrassing back down for the Government.

“While bulk funding has been taken off the table, for now, other agreed changes need scrutiny.

“For instance, parents having to fork out more for their kids’ free education at our state schools may justifiably be asking why the Government is planning to re-carve the pie in favour of private schools.

“Targeted funding to at-risk kids could also create more inequalities if poorly designed.

“Schools need more money. It’s that plain and simple. We have always argued that re-carving the existing pie helps nobody and we end up with results like this year where schools ended up with actual funding cuts.

“The cost of educating our children keeps going up while Government funding fails to keep pace. The inevitable results are cuts to the quality of the education Kiwi kids are receiving while adding more pressure to parents to pay costs to meet the funding shortfall.

“Education in New Zealand is supposed to be free but Government funding falls well short of what is required to deliver on that promise.

“No child should be denied their shot at a top notch education because their parents cannot afford to pay.

“Labour is committed to providing a free world-class education system that we look forward to funding properly to deliver better learning opportunities for our kids,” says Chris Hipkins.