New Zealand Labour Party

Government can’t rely on geothermal to grow itself

While Electricity Authority figures showing geothermal has risen from the fourth to the second highest source of power generation are a promising sign for a geothermal renaissance, there can be no cause for complacency, Labour’s Energy spokesperson Stuart Nash says.

“New Zealand has a history of technological innovation in geothermal generation, with a resurgence in its use as an energy source over the past decade. The Electricity Authority figures are evidence of the growth of geothermal and it’s encouraging to see we are well on our way to being a world leader in this area once again.

“However, we still have plenty of work to do in order to transition to a fully sustainable energy system.

“The last Labour government banned the building of new fossil-fuelled power stations until 2018. National repealed this, despite the incentive this ban provided for the development of renewables.

“The target of 90 per cent renewable generation by 2025 is dependent on significant and continued development of New Zealand’s geothermal resources.

“While Labour applauds the continued growth of this industry, the Government has its part to play in ensuring renewable energy is integrated into ‘smartened’ power grids at every level of the economy,” Stuart Nash says.