New Zealand Labour Party

Government dragging its feet on surgical mesh

Jonathan Coleman is dragging his feet over any action to protect New Zealanders from more disasters with surgical mesh, says Health Spokesperson Annette King. 

“The Government’s pathetic response is to claim all will be fixed by a new regime to regulate therapeutic products on the never never.

“This is just ridiculous. We urgently need a proper inquiry into surgical mesh before more New Zealand woman and men suffer. 

“ACC has already recommended last year a multi-agency registry which would mean the use of surgical mesh could be tracked and monitored. 

“So far ACC has accepted 502 claims from victims of surgical mesh but all the Minister has said is that he is considering a register. 

“The patient’s action group Mesh Down Under says in its own survey of the victims 88.3% were not told of potential risks associated with mesh use. 

“Already ACC has paid out $10 million in claims for injury from mesh. 

“Both Scotland and England have launched investigations into the use of surgical mesh. Scotland has apologised to mesh victims and suspended its use. The EU is looking at reclassifying surgical mesh as a high risk device.  

“Jonathan Coleman has said he has every sympathy with people who have experienced issues with mesh but people need a lot more than his sympathy,” says Annette King.