New Zealand Labour Party

Government must act on RB Governor’s call

The Government may have ignored the pleas of first home buyers to take action on the housing crisis but it will struggle to ignore the Reserve Bank Governor who said ‘much more needs to be done’ to get more homes built, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson Grant Robertson.

“This Government has failed to deal with the housing crisis and effectively outsourced it to the Reserve Bank.

“But Graeme Wheeler clearly expects the Government to do its duty by saying today: ‘Resolving the housing shortages is key… in Auckland, much more needs to be done, especially in creating opportunities for residential construction’.

“In the diplomatic language of the Reserve Bank this means: ‘pull your weight Mr Key’.

“The Government should not leave the housing crisis to the Reserve Bank. John Key needs to build more houses in Auckland.

“Instead he is fiddling with the RMA while Auckland’s housing market is on fire,” says Grant Robertson.