New Zealand Labour Party

Government must do more to help global refugee crisis

John Key must urgently increase our refugee quota and let New Zealand play its part in helping address the tragic humanitarian crisis unfolding around the world, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The refugee crisis in countries like Lebanon and Austria is simply heartbreaking. There are now 9 million refugees from Syria alone.

“Every country in the world needs to do its share and the Prime Minister’s adamant refusal to lift our annual 750 refugee quota or consider a one-off special increase for displaced Syrians is disgraceful.

“We can do more and we must.

“New Zealand can absorb a further 250 or even 500 people. These aren’t numbers; they are parents, children and grandparents.

“The Prime Minister says that would only be a drop in the ocean and wouldn’t help address the crisis. This is contrary to his argument for sending a handful of our troops to fight ISIS in Iraq.

“It is time John Key showed some leadership on this issue,” Andrew Little says.