New Zealand Labour Party

Government’s tinkering will leave Kiwis cold

National’s tinkering which will only require some houses to be insulated to 1978 standards will leave many families in rental properties cold, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“In typical arrogant Nick Smith style, changes in the Residential Tenancies Act currently making its way through Parliament are a half-measure to make it look like the Government is doing something to address substandard mouldy and leaking rentals. 

“The regulations will not require houses that are already insulated to the old 1978 standards to upgrade to modern levels set in the 2008 Building Code.

“The Housing Minister is legislating for old inferior insulation standards.

“This legislation fails to introduce requirements for heating. While requirement for smoke alarms and some insulation is better than nothing, it will leave many properties cold. If you insulate a cold house without providing a heating source, you just end up with a cold insulated house.

“Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Member’s Bill – which will get a first reading next month – will require rental properties to be insulated to modern standards, have an affordable heating source and proper ventilation.

“That will keep Kiwi families warm and dry this winter,” Phil Twyford says.