New Zealand Labour Party

Government squabbling a bad sign

The squabbling between National and its support parties over RMA reform is a worrying sign of instability in government, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“David Seymour and Peter Dunne have called National’s RMA reforms a ‘quagmire’, blaming Nick Smith for this ‘Nicktastrophy’ and saying the Māori Party ‘won’t deal in good faith’.

“David Seymour and Peter Dunne’s attacks on the Māori Party and Nick Smith are extraordinary. They show relationships within the Government are rapidly unravelling.

“It’s clear that Bill English’s indulgence of Nick Smith is, once again, at the heart of the problem. As with housing and water, Nick Smith has bungled and blundered on RMA reform, while Bill English has given his mate free rein.

“New Zealanders, especially the business community, are crying out for decisive leadership on the RMA. This is not it.

“Labour is committed to strong, stable, responsible government. Tomorrow, we are laying out our responsible and credible fiscal plan. Labour will lead a stable government, focused on the issues that matter most to Kiwis,” says Andrew Little.