Release: Govt puts vulnerable children at further risk

The Government is risking the wellbeing of vulnerable children across Aotearoa who benefit from services like counselling, intensive family support, parent programmes and early intervention, as they claw back funding.

“Children in care have often experienced significant trauma and chaos in their lives. Taking away activities and support that help them to heal is cruel and heartless,” Labour's children spokesperson Willow-Jean Prime said.

“In the May Budget, National cut $120 million in funding for frontline providers. These are programmes that offer therapy and companionship for children – many who’ve suffered from family harm, neglect and trauma.

“These providers do incredible and highly sensitive work with tamariki, helping them navigate distressing experiences, while keeping them out of harm’s way.

"These cuts come as Oranga Tamariki has said there already isn’t enough money to meet the needs they're seeing every day.

“ACT's Karen Chhour has chosen to go ahead with these reckless cuts, despite the detrimental effect on the frontline.

“I am hearing from many in the sector who are anxious about whether they can continue to meet the needs of kids in their community.

“Karen Chhour must stand up for these children and whānau who rely on these services to get through the week.

“I truly worry about the harmful consequences to come if the Government continues to ignore this need,” Willow-Jean Prime said.

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