New Zealand Labour Party

Govt refusal causes three year delay to rail link

A delay to the City Rail Link caused by the Government’s refusal to commit its share of funding before 2020 will set back the city’s growth and prosperity, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford.

Auckland Council is considering amending its draft ten year budget, pushing the start on building the CRL three years out, which means work will start 2018-19 and not be complete until 2023.

"Every week without the City Rail Link costs Auckland jobs and growth.  The project will double the capacity of the existing rail network, allowing trains to run as frequently as every five minutes.

"The City Rail Link is Aucklanders’ number one transport priority. The business community want it. The people want it. It is hard to fathom why the Government is dragging its feet.

"The three-year delay will add $350 million to Auckland Council’s debt.

"This is a classic example of why the Government should work with Aucklanders and back the CRL now, rather than imposing its own priorities from Wellington," Phil Twyford says.