New Zealand Labour Party

Govt to forge ahead with ‘high risk’ lab plan

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman’s decision to privatise Wellington’s laboratory services goes against the advice of those working at the front line – our clinicians and medical specialists, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says.

“Doctors have warned the Government many times that its plans to integrate the Capital’s hospital and diagnostic testing services has the potential to backfire and could result in delays in both diagnosis and treatment; and even put lives at risk.

“The region’s pathologists have described it as a complex project not attempted in New Zealand before and say there is a ‘high risk’ that financial targets could not be met ‘unless current services are degraded’.

“The process has been flawed from the outset with a lack of consultation, less than transparent financial analysis, and little regard to workforce requirements.

“It is clear Jonathan Coleman has chosen to ignore the very people he should be listening to and is forging ahead with a proposal that looks set to do more harm than good,” Annette King said.