New Zealand Labour Party

Half measure on housing standards not good enough

 Making rental properties warm and dry is too important for the half measure the Government is considering, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

The Government is reportedly looking at minimum insulation standards for rental properties but won’t set any standards for heating.

“You can insulate a cold house but unless you heat it, it is still a cold house. Requiring landlords to install a modern, efficient, fixed heating source should be a minimum standard.

“It shouldn’t have taken the death of Otara toddler Emma-Lita Bourne to finally embarrass the Government into action, but better late than never.

“Now that National has accepted the need to regulate private rental properties by requiring insulation, why not do the job properly and require efficient heating too?

“This is classic National: deny there is a problem until polling is overwhelming and then announce a half measure that is just enough to make it look as if they are doing something.

“Making rental housing warm and dry is one of the most important public health reforms the Government could make. National should show some backbone and set standards for heating as well as insulation,” Phil Twyford says.