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Have health services been cut in your area?

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Over the last six years, National has cut $1.7 billion from our health system in real terms. As costs have increased, funding for our health services just hasn’t kept up.

And after cost pressures – like population growth, ageing and inflation – are taken into account, yesterday’s Budget announcements in health only continue the cuts to our health services.

That means fewer doctors and nurses, less funding for life-saving medicines and people not being able to get the surgery they need.

But through the government’s spin, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how much your local services have been affected.

That’s why we’ve created a tool to let you see how much National’s cuts have affected health services in your local area.

We hope you find it useful. And if you’re as shocked as we think you’ll be, we hope you’ll share the tool so others can know just how much middle New Zealand is missing out under the National Government.

Click here to find out how much health has been cut in your area