New Zealand Labour Party

Healthy Homes Bill needed to keep kids out of hospital

National’s promise to reduce child hospital admissions can only be kept by backing Labour’s Healthy Homes Bill, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“National has promised to reduce child hospital admissions for preventable conditions by a quarter by 2021. If National is serious about reducing the number of kids admitted to hospital, they need to back my Bill for warm, dry, healthy homes.

“The majority of preventable hospital admissions for children are due to respiratory illnesses. These diseases are caused and worsened by damp, cold, mouldy housing.

“National has given up on its target to reduce rheumatic fever by two-thirds because the deplorable state of rentals is making too many kids sick. Rheumatic fever is now on the rise. The Government won’t meet this new target unless we ensure all rentals are fit for kids to live in.

“My Healthy Homes Bill will require all rentals to meet modern standards of insulation, heating, and weather tightness. It is a law that will keep kids out of hospitals and save lives.

“The Healthy Homes Bill is due back before Parliament next week. All political parties that want our kids to live healthier lives should support it,” says Andrew Little.