New Zealand Labour Party

Help bring about change - get someone out to vote


Getting our supporters out to vote during is something veteran Labour volunteers are familiar with – but it’s something every Labour supporter can help with too, even those who have so far not been able to be actively involved with the campaign. 

The last general election saw the lowest voter turnout since 1887. The mobilisation period is Labour’s drive to activate the large number of people who did not vote last time, to make sure they are enrolled and get out to vote this time round.

Getting people out to vote will make a significant difference to Labour’s result because, in terms of population, the group which did not vote last time is larger than those voted who for any party apart from National.

If you are not sure if you are enrolled to vote then please check. Importantly, please encourage others to check that they are enrolled and to cast their vote as soon as the 17-day voting period opens on 3 September. The Electoral Commission will announce on Wednesday this week where people can cast their advance votes.

Labour has made getting supporters out to vote a priority for this campaign. It has been our most grassroots campaign in decades, with volunteers making vast numbers of phone calls and continuing to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors.

There are a number of reasons for people not voting. Sometimes they don’t know an election is on, or that they can vote, some are no longer correctly enrolled, some work at times which make it hard to vote on election day and some are simply over politics.

We are working to show people through our campaign that we are genuinely committed to putting people at the forefront of what we do, and want to provide a positive alternative to politics as usual. 

By adding your voice, and by encouraging others you think might need a reminder or some motivation to vote, you can make a difference to bringing positive change to New Zealand. 

If you or someone you know is not sure if they are enrolled to vote, you can enrol through: