New Zealand Labour Party

Highest road toll in 27 years caused by underfunding

Judith Collins has to reverse Police underfunding with the worst Queen’s Birthday road toll in 27 years coinciding with a funding cut for road safety and 100 fewer police officers on the road, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash.

“It’s time for Judith Collins to admit she’s got it wrong. In the past two years there has been a cut in road safety funding. Between 2013 and 2015 the road toll has increased by 68, making us one of the only countries where road deaths are rising.

“Funding pressures from the Budget have forced Police to remove 100 police officers from road patrols. That will lead to more deaths on the road. It’s that simple.

“In her own words Judith Collins said: ‘You will find there are going to be fewer police officers on the road’.

“That’s an incredibly stupid response to an incredibly serious issue. The police have faced cost pressures of around $300m and the Government is doing nothing to fix it. It’s time Ms Collins gave the Police the resources they need to do their job,” says Stuart Nash.