New Zealand Labour Party

Housing crisis makes life a misery for many Aucklanders

National’s out-of-control housing crisis has made life a misery for many in what is supposed to be the world’s most liveable city, Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“In their latest State of the Nation report, the Salvation Army found it takes the typical worker 20 hours to earn the money to pay the rent on a modest two bedroom flat in Auckland – half the average working week. That has risen from 17 hours of pay in 2010.

“The report also found it takes nearly 13 years of the average income to pay for Auckland house in the median price bracket. That’s up from nine years in 2010.

“With the average house price now $930,000, many Kiwis just cannot afford to live in our biggest city.

“On top of the housing crisis, Aucklanders are forced to sweat daily in motorway gridlock.

“National’s complete failure to get a grip on the housing crisis and its refusal to invest early enough in a decent transport system is holding Auckland back.

“It’s no wonder the Salvation Army found 6300 people are fleeing Auckland every year.

“National’s housing bubble is making life a misery for many Aucklanders; mortgage slaves, hard-pressed renters, the homeless and a generation who are locked out of the Kiwi dream of home ownership,” Phil Twyford says.