New Zealand Labour Party

Housing NZ left in the dark

Housing NZ has been left in the dark by the Government’s state house sell-off plans and does not know the most basic things about its future stock levels says Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. 

Mr Twyford says Housing NZ CEO Glen Sowry was unable to answer basic questions at a financial review hearing at Parliament today.

“The Minister wrote to Housing NZ prior to the election telling it that as a result of the state house sell-off the corporation would own significantly fewer houses in ten years’ time. The Prime Minister has said in three years’ time the number of state houses will fall from 68,000 to 60,000. But today the CEO was unable to say how many properties the $18 billion corporation expected to own at the end of the decade. 

“There are so many unknowns in the Government’s sell-off plans. With a planned ‘strategic review’ of Housing NZ later this year, the corporation is probably wondering if National is going to do away with it altogether. 

“The CEO and Chair of Housing NZ were unable to tell the committee how much of its landholdings would be sold off as part of its redevelopment and sell-off plans. 

“They also could not explain who will live in the 3000 houses the corporation will not have income-related rent subsidies for, given the Government is committed to booting out tenants who earn enough to pay a full market rent. 

“National’s state house sell off has left a big question mark hanging over the future of Housing NZ.  The policy is so shambolic and so full of holes that the $18 billion government entity is left rudderless.”