New Zealand Labour Party

How much more evidence do you need Minister?

Serious allegations about assessors including nepotism, shonky scoping and threats of blacklisting are further evidence of the need for an inquiry into EQC, says Labour’s acting EQC spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Gerry Brownlee continues to resist calls from people in Christchurch for a full inquiry into EQC’s repair programme.

“But tonight, TV3 revealed yet more serious allegations that EQC assessors were being hired because of family connections, deliberately removing agreed repairs from scopes, and threatening to blacklist customers who worked with repair advocates.

“How much more evidence does Gerry Brownlee need to hear before the people of Canterbury get an inquiry?

“It’s shocking stuff and we deserve better.

“The scariest thing for people is how many of the allegations raised tonight had already been raised both in the media and in formal complaints to EQC with no resolution. That shows that EQC is not dealing with problems that come up. That’s why we need an inquiry.

“We only get one shot at rebuilding our city. We have to make sure we get it right, so that people can get on with their lives,” says Megan Woods.