IGIS report a damning indictment on former spy boss

The report by Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security into the release of classified documents is a sad and damning indictment on former spy boss Warren Tucker, Labour’s MP for Mount Roskill and former leader Phil Goff says. 

“This report upholds the integrity and credibility of my actions and statements at the time.

 “It highlights a lack of professionalism by then SIS Director Dr Tucker.  He has now left the Service, and I accept the apology given to me this morning by the new Director Rebecca Kitteridge who played no part in this affair. 

“This report demands accountability by John Key for the actions of his office for which – at the very least – he failed to exercise oversight and in all likelihood knew about and failed to rein in. The actions of two of his staff, his deputy chief of staff Phil de Joux and his senior adviser Jason Ede politicised the SIS and broke rules about confidentiality and political neutrality. 

“The Prime Minister was fully aware of Mr Ede’s political role, his regular contact with Whaleoil and the sleaze and dirty politics that were employed through Whale Oil on an ongoing basis. Mr Key has stated before that his staff act for him. 

“This afternoon Mr Key is expecting Labour to cooperate with the Government on a security and intelligence bill. He has said that a bi-partisan approach on issues that relate to the security of New Zealand is a long-standing tradition.  

“Indeed that is the approach that Labour has always tried to take.  It is however hypocritical that while calling for bi-partisanship, Mr Key deliberately allowed the politicisation of the SIS by his staff, in a way that fundamentally undermines its political neutrality. 

“The political damage before the 2011 election cannot now be remedied. Mr Key is now obliged to take responsibility for the actions of his staff,” Phil Goff says