New Zealand Labour Party

Ikaroa Rawhiti and Hutt South voter challenge


In Wainuiomata dozens of Labour activists from across the Hutt Valley turned up en masse to be among the first to cast their early votes at Wainuiomata Library - and triggered a social media challenge.

The team spread the message about the early vote meeting by word of mouth and on Facebook.

After voting they spent several hours doorknocking and then held a hangi fundraiser to pay for food and transport for campaign volunteers.

"I voted" stickers were being given out at the library - which led to a 'Nek nominate' challenge springing up.

"We were all taking selfies of ourselves with our 'I voted' stickers and put pictures up on Facebook nominating five our Facebook friends to vote," said one of the team.

"We have been nominating people we think might need a reminder to get out to vote, it's spreading fast.

"The doorknocking was really interesting too because we found many people did not know about early voting - but we got a great response and people were really interested.  That showed us it's important to spread the message about early voting."

Voting early means there's no risk of forgetting - or missing the chance to vote if you are busy or working on election day on September 20.

It's time to Get Out The Vote!

Full information about when, where and how to vote in advance is available at

Most advance voting places are fully accessible or accessible with assistance for people in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.