New Zealand Labour Party

‘Waitresses’ not footing study bill

 A Universities New Zealand study released today makes a mockery of the Government’s claims that lower-income New Zealanders are subsidising those in post-school education, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“The analysis shows that Kiwis who go into industries such as science, engineering, marketing and IT repay more than 10 times the cost of their fees in extra tax.

“Far from John Key’s preposterous claims that waitresses are subsidising our graduates, highly educated New Zealanders are more than repaying the cost of their education.

“This research shows that those who do complete post-secondary education have dramatically increased earning power and will pay more taxes.

“Surely with a publicly-funded Commerce degree of his own, this would have been obvious to the Prime Minister.

“Investing in New Zealand’s future through educating our workers without condemning them to decades of debt makes economic and social sense. Using fees to exclude some from gaining those skills is a nonsense when the investment will be more than repaid by the taxes they pay.

“The Government should give up fabricating reasons why investing in education is a bad idea,” Andrew Little says.