New Zealand Labour Party

Celebrating women on International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day! Check out a few things our Government has done to improve the lives of women in New Zealand. There's still more to do - but today we recognise just how far we've come.

  • This Government introduced the Families Package including introducing Best Start payments: $60/week for all new-born babies for their first year.
  • We’ve extended Paid Parental Leave, which will be 26 weeks from July 2020.
  • We’ve significantly increased funding for family violence services - the first funding boost for frontline agencies in 10 years. This Government delivered a 30 per cent funding increase to enable front line agencies to expand.
  • We supported Jan Logie's Victims Protection Bill which allows victims of domestic violence up to 10 days paid leave to deal with the impacts of domestic violence.
  • We’ve launched a court support pilot for sexual violence survivors and a sexual harm helpline.
  • We’re passing the Equal Pay Act to address historic inequities in pay for women.
  • We announced amendments to the Family and Whānau Violence Bill, designed to strengthen the legislative foundations of the family violence system.
  • and more...

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