New Zealand Labour Party

International Workers Day

Today, on international workers day, we celebrate the contributions of working New Zealanders to building a modern economy and to promoting workplaces that are productive and inclusive, fair and fit for the 21st Century.

All working New Zealanders contribute to our successful economy. With your support this Government has been able to share the gains of prosperity by:

  • Lifting the minimum wage, first to $17.70 and up to $20 by 2021
  • Restoring balance to the Employment Relations Act by reclaiming basic modern workplace conditions including rest and meals breaks, support for vulnerable workers
  • Increasing Working for Families by $75 per week when fully rolled out and opening it up for another 26,000 families
  • Increasing Paid Parental Leave from 18 to 22 weeks and up to 26 weeks by 2020
  • Supporting victims of domestic violence with up to ten days leave per year and providing workplaces with tools to help
  • Implementing the Health and Safety Strategy including developing tools to prevent bullying and harassment
  • Progressing pay equity legislation to improve access to pay claims.

“There is more to do but we will keep supporting working New Zealanders to make our workplaces inclusive and productive, fair and fit for the 21st Century,” says Workplace Relations Minister Iain Lees-Galloway.