New Zealand Labour Party

Investing in warm, dry homes

Labour will:

  • Assist homeowners and landlords to make their houses warm and healthy to live in with grants of up to $2,000 towards upgrading insulation and heating.

The Issue

Housing is Labour’s top priority. We are committed to working to restore the dream of homeownership and ensuring decent housing for everyone.

Too many of our homes are cold, mouldy, and unhealthy. 40,000 children are admitted to hospital every year with illnesses related to living in unhealthy homes. Hundreds of thousands of houses remain poorly insulated and the cost of heating them is an increasing burden for many families.

National has had nine years to fix the problem, but it has got worse. They cut funding for home insulation and eliminated the subsidy altogether for homeowners.

It is time for a fresh approach to make our homes healthy to live in.

Removing the speculators’ tax loophole will save taxpayers around $150 million a year once fully implemented. Total savings in the first ten years will be $1.2 billion. Labour will use this money to help families insulate and heat their homes to modern standards.

All property owners will be able to access a grant of a maximum of $2,000 per dwelling to pay for up to 50 per cent of the cost of insulation upgrades and double glazing that meet or exceed the current building code, or of the cost to install a clean, fixed form of heating.

Eliminating the speculators’ tax loophole and redirecting the savings into home insulation will assist with making 600,000 homes warmer and healthy to live in.

This investment will complement Labour’s Healthy Homes Bill, which will require all rentals to be fit for families to live in and support the delivery of our climate change goals.

This is just one of Labour’s fresh ideas to tackle the housing crisis. Labour’s comprehensive housing package includes:

  • building homes people can afford to buy, and restoring the Kiwi dream of owning your own place through our KiwiBuild programme and the Affordable House Authority.
  • a three point plan to crack down on speculators by banning o shore speculators from buying houses, taxing speculators who flip a house within five years, and ending the speculators’ tax loophole.
  • ensuring homes are healthy to live in and building state houses for families in need.

See the full housing policy here.