New Zealand Labour Party

Investing in Otago and the West Coast

The Provincial Growth Fund continues to provide much-needed investment in our regions - this time with a focus on the South Island.

We've announced two major investments from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for Otago and the West Coast.

Both of these regions will benefit hugely from projects that will see the PGF work hand-in-hand with local and regional councils.

In Otago, the PGF is investing $820,000 in the Dunedin Waterfront Project. 

Our vision for Dunedin's waterfront is bold, forward-thinking, and will be built sustainably.

It includes an array of signature buildings, including a hotel and residential accommodation, and and aims to be a great place for locals and visitors to gather.

The project includes a plan to connect the town centre, the university and the stadium with walkways, cycleways and a bridge.

The new, revitalised waterfront will attract new businesses and is likely to become a major focal point for the city.

We're also investing $60,000 into the development of Otago's Economic Development Strategy. Further funding will come from local and regional councils. This will allow wider Otago to identify areas of common interest and assess all opportunities for the long term. It also supports council groups across the region to work together, making sure we avoid doubling up on work or costs.

We're also backing the West Coast, with a kickstart investment in a number of projects in the region. 

We believe these projects will lift productivity in the West Coast, and future-proof its economy for years to come. 

We are launching a number of “feasibility studies” – basically making sure certain developments or upgrades are possible, and looking at how best to go about them.

We're investigating upgrading and redeveloping the Westport Port and the Port of Greymouth, to better increase economic activity in the region. 

A new passenger rail service between Westport and Hokitika has also been proposed. We're looking into making sure this plan is feasible, and if so, how we can make this work in the best way possible. This passenger rail service has huge potential for the region and would definitely help build West Coast tourism numbers.

Developing the town of Greymouth continues to be a focus, alongside further development of Punakaiki. 

We’re focused on supporting our regions to grow and thrive – our PGF continues to be a testament to this. 

Take a look at our achievements to date with the PGF here, and stay updated by checking our website or our Facebook page.