New Zealand Labour Party

Is the Government dragging its feet on typhoid?

Serious questions have been raised about the Government’s handling of the Auckland typhoid outbreak which has claimed a life, says Labour’s Health spokesperson David Clark.


“It’s tragic that a woman has died and that at least 15 people have been affected by this outbreak.

“I have written to the Minister seeking assurances that he has directed the Ministry of Health to adequately support the Auckland Regional Public Health Service over this crisis.


“I am concerned that this slow response to a third world disease is the result of an underfunded and stressed health system. In my letter, I have asked the Government to explain what actions the Ministry of Health are taking to address the outbreak.


“For Health officials to say its localised is a nonsense as I have heard that the disease has been reported in cases across the city.


“It appears that the woman who died of the disease had other health problems but it’s clear she was a member of church group which is at the centre of this infection.


“The Minister’s accusation of communication problems with  Auckland regional health officials conveniently forgets that the buck stops with him,” says David Clark.