New Zealand Labour Party

It’s time to fix this

A Labour-led Government will set tough minimum standards to make all rental properties warm and dry in its first 100 days, says Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford

“Labour is determined to stop our kids getting sick and dying from living in unhealthy housing.

“We can and must fix the unhealthy, cold houses that are killing our kids. It is simply not acceptable in New Zealand in 2017 that we have children dying from pneumonia and other preventable diseases.

“I am sick of hearing the excuses from National for doing nothing while they cut money for home insulation and block Labour’s attempts to set proper health standards for rentals. I’m tired of knocking on doors and finding over-crowded homes with unwell children because rents for anything better are too expensive.

“This is a moral issue – we should not be the kind of society that lets children die from preventable diseases. We are better than that.

“This problem can be solved by a government with the resolve and the right set of policies.

“Labour will

  • require all rentals to be warm, dry, and healthy to live in.
  • help families with cost of heating with a $700 Winter Energy Payment for beneficiary families.
  • boost families’ incomes with the Best Start payment, increased Working for Families, and a boost to the Accommodation Supplement
  • help landlords and homeowners with $2,000 grants for insulation and heating.
  • address the housing shortage that’s driving up rents by stopping the state house sell-off and building new state houses for families in need along with KiwiBuild starter home for first homebuyers.
  • close tax loopholes used by speculators who drive up housing costs and ban overseas speculators altogether

“Tackling child poverty is one of Jacinda Ardern’s top priorities. Fixing our housing is core to that,” says Phil Twyford.