New Zealand Labour Party

Job losses show folly of Chorus’ copper cuts

Chorus and the Government are neglecting the copper broadband network, leading to 145 potential job losses at Transfield Services as well as poor services in the regions, says Labour’s Broadcasting Spokesperson Clare Curran.

“Steven Joyce and Amy Adams have made a mess of the ultra-fast broadband roll-out which is well behind schedule. Instead of acknowledging this they are still pretending the roll-out is running on time so are happy with Chorus neglecting the copper network.

“Chorus cutting millions in spending on the copper network means workers will lose their jobs and have no certainty of work. These 145 people shouldn’t lose their jobs. Their work still needs to be done.

“This is just because the Government and Chorus lost out against the Commerce Commission when trying to overcharge on the copper network. The government negotiated a contract with Chorus to deliver a fibre network which has meant Chorus is now holding the rest of the country to ransom on the copper network.

“The copper network is the backbone of regional internet connections. Families and businesses need it to be kept up to speed. It’s the obligation of Chorus and Amy Adams to make that happen. That will keep those Transfield workers in jobs,” says Clare Curran.