New Zealand Labour Party

John Key must stand up for Kiwis in Australia

The Prime Minister has a great opportunity to stand up for the rights of New Zealanders in Australia when he meets his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull tomorrow, Opposition Leader Andrew Little says.

“John Key should set aside their mutual admiration club and continue the work done by myself and my colleague Phil Goff last year to urge the Australian Parliament to treat Kiwis living in Australia better.

“Since 2001 New Zealanders across the ditch have been treated like second class citizens. They have lost basic rights such as access to social support, student assistance and the ability to become citizens of the country they live in.

“John Key must also fight for detainees to remain in Australia where they have their family, friends and support networks.

“We have already heard concerns about detainees returning to a life of crime, our Community Corrections services not being equipped to deal with them and our mental health services being put under pressure.

“Labour has said all along these people should not be returned to New Zealand.

“John Key is the Prime Minister for all New Zealanders and tomorrow he has the chance to prove that,” Andrew Little says.