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I want our region to thrive and be the place where people want to live, raise a family, invest in and create opportunities here.

Jo and her husband Matt live in Hinds, in the centre of the Rangitata Electorate. She knows the area and its’ people well and clearly recognises how government can help the region. Jo's focus for Rangitata is on increasing jobs, encouraging young people to stay in education, improving health, particularly for children and the elderly, better and plentiful housing and safer communities. As her electorate’s strong advocate in Parliament, she actively encourages people to live, invest and create opportunities in the region, which encompasses Timaru, Temuka and Ashburton.

Jo Luxton knows that small business is the backbone of regional New Zealand. Prior to becoming an MP, Jo worked as an accredited Early Childhood Education (ECE) teacher, whilst also building and managing her own successful company, an Early Childhood Centre employing nine staff. It became the first business of its kind in New Zealand to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, a cause in which she fervently believes.

Jo is passionate about improving the lives of people, not only in her electorate, but also throughout New Zealand. She sees many opportunities for improvement and growth and with the help of her colleagues in the Labour Party, is working towards a better, brighter New Zealand for all our citizens.

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