New Zealand Labour Party

Joyce and English at odds over exports

Bill English’s convoluted attempts to gloss over his Government’s failure to grow exports has got himself into a disagreement with Steven Joyce, says Labour Revenue spokesperson David Clark.

“This Government is failing to meet its goal of increasing exports to 40 per cent of GDP – it currently languishes at 29.6 per cent, a drop from 33 per cent when it took office.

“But Bill English refuses to admit it. In Question Time today he fudged his numbers, claiming that exports as a percentage of GDP had increased from 31 per cent to 33 per cent.

“This galling claim would come as a surprise to everyone, especially Steven Joyce who was quoted two weeks ago as saying that exports were at 30 per cent of GDP and admitted there had been a lack of progress in the past three years.

“Even Bill English should be surprised given his own admission exports were at 30 per cent in the foreword to his Building Export Markets brochure in 2012.  

“Bill English should just admit his failure to boost the export sector, stop fudging the numbers and try to come up with a few new ideas for once to meet his target,” David Clark says.