New Zealand Labour Party

Joyce’s MoBIE Empire strikes back

Steven Joyce’s MoBIE empire is going on strike in the latest department debacle to undermine the so-called Mr Fixit, Labour’s Economic Development spokesperson David Clark says.

“After spending thousands of dollars on sundecks, hair straighteners, plinths and giant TV screens, MoBIE has clearly decided it can’t afford a pay rise.

“So now thousands of workers are going on strike because of a ‘culture of mistrust’. It is humiliating for the ministry that handles labour relations to have such an accusation levelled at them.

“It is also rank hypocrisy that a ministry which last year gifted huge salary increases to senior management now refuses any pay rise for rank and file staff.

“Clearly the Joyce jinx has struck again. He’s not the fixit man he claims to be and has got too much on his plate. Hopefully John Key will relieve him of a couple of portfolios in the new year.

“Meanwhile he is failing miserably to reach critical targets such as lifting exports as a percentage of GDP to 40 per cent. He needs to lift his game or scale back his empire,” says David Clark.