New Zealand Labour Party

Keeping our communities safe

We’re updating our gun control laws to stop the flow of firearms from reaching the hands of criminals, to help keep New Zealanders and their families safe.

Six months on from the horrific events of 15 March, we continue to acknowledge those who lost their lives, lost loved ones, or were injured, and those who continue to care for the victims and their families. Countless lives are forever changed and we are working hard to ensure it never happens again.

Following the March 15 attacks, we took action to remove military style semi-automatics from our communities. More than 19,500 firearms have been handed in to Police through gun amnesty and buy-back events so far.

Now we are taking the next step, to ensure gun ownership is restricted to responsible users, and to stop the flow of guns into the black market.

This week, proposals for further changes to our gun control laws were introduced into Parliament. Some of these proposals include changing the firearms licence validity from 10 years to five years, creating a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges, tightening the fit-and-proper person criteria, and allowing better cost recovery so the system is less reliant on taxpayer subsidies.

A firearms register will help Police to know how many firearms there are, who has them, and how secure they are. New offences and penalties will make sure people know we’re taking gun-related crime seriously.

Many of the proposals are not new, but the dedication and collaboration of people, groups, and departments has now made change possible.     

We all want to protect people from the harm firearms can cause. This Government is doing what it takes to make sure no one ever has to lose a loved one to another mass shooting in New Zealand.

Check out our Q+A for more details on the proposed changes.