New Zealand Labour Party

Key out of touch with business on ACC

John Key is insulting small businesses and hurting their bottom line by refusing to cut ACC levies by $350 million right now, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“The Prime Minister has lost touch with the business community by saying: ‘no one's arguing that we're not working as fast as we possibly can’ to cut ACC levies.

“That’s dead wrong. Companies across the country tell me one of their biggest hurdles is being overcharged for ACC. The Employers and Manufacturers Association says the same thing.

“An independent Infometrics report showed the Government is overcharging businesses on ACC levies by $350 million. And Kim Campbell from the Northern Employers and Manufacturers Association says it could be even higher – to the tune of $400 million.  

“It’s costing at least 700 jobs a year and holds businesses back.

“John Key doesn’t get it. He’s using ACC to try to scrape the Government books back into surplus. The collateral damage is business growth and hundreds of jobs.

“This Government is in a desperate struggle to get to surplus and John Key is willing to make New Zealand businesses and workers pay more than they should to get there.

“That’s not leadership, it’s political butt covering,” Andrew Little says.