New Zealand Labour Party

Key’s careless chatter tips off Arabic media

John Key has shown a frightening lack of judgement in disclosing to an Arabic media outlet that Kiwi troops are in the UAE awaiting deployment to Iraq, Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson David Shearer says.

“At the same time the Prime Minister is telling us that disclosing operational details could be a security risk he is being loose-lipped on the world stage. 

“This is the umpteenth time New Zealanders have learned about details of the Iraqi deployment from international media.

“Only last month Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee was forced to concede that a number of Kiwi troops had gone to Australia for joint training ahead of the deployment after it was reported in that country’s media. “It seems the Government is using secrecy as a convenient smokescreen to not answer questions about a deployment that is unpopular and futile.

 “John Key’s careless chatter with international media only highlights the lack transparency with our local media.

 “It must stop treating the New Zealand public with contempt and be upfront about the decisions it is making,” David Shearer says