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Meet Kharag Singh

Kharag Singh is a proud Kiwi business owner and a prominent member of New Zealand’s thriving Indian community.

He moved to New Zealand in 1987 at the age of 24, and was proud to cast his first vote for David Lange and Labour that year.

Starting with little, yet grateful for the chance at the Kiwi Dream, Kharag worked at an ink manufacturer company until 1995. With the savings he’d built over seven years, he bought the Everglade Foursquare in Goodwood Heights, Manurewa, which he has owned for 27 years.

Owning a local and essential business for 27 years, Kharag has participated in Manurewa’s growing economy and community. He knows first-hand the stresses that come with being a small retailer over the last few years, and gives all he can to help others.

He’s particularly incentivised by the issues affecting New Zealand’s youth, and wants to help his whole local community overcome the challenges facing our people.

Kharag’s first run for public office was in 2019 for the Howick Local Board, in Botany. He was co-Campaign Manager for Takanini in 2020, and he ran for the Manurewa Local Board in 2022. He is a member of Rotary International in Papatoetoe and a registered a Justice of the Peace.

Kharag is honoured to be New Zealand’s first Sikh/Punjabi candidate for national office. He brings the best of two worlds with him in his determination to create the best New Zealand for all Kiwis.

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