New Zealand Labour Party

Kiwis deserve more than reheats

The Government looks set to rely on regurgitated announcements for this year’s Budget if today’s speech is anything to go by, Labour Leader Andrew Little says.

“National has been building up to this Budget for seven long years, promising a surplus and rewards for years of hard work and cut backs.

“Kiwis have fulfilled their end of the bargain. They deserve to see the pay back.

“Today’s announcement of $244 million over four years for ‘new’ schools is a reheat. A number of these supposed new schools have been announced before.

“This is the Government trying to dress up business as usual. Building schools as populations grow is a core Government function.

“The Government’s $20 million a year spending on Research and Development might buy Steven Joyce some good photo ops at his favourite companies.

“However, it won’t make a real difference to the export sector. To really support innovation we need an aggressive tax credit system that rewards all innovating businesses.

“What this Budget must deliver is real gains for areas of real need.

“We have a housing crisis spinning out of control, the regions are being neglected and Kiwis are still waiting for the wage rises Bill English promised them,” Andrew Little says.