New Zealand Labour Party

Kiwis miss out on Cricket World Cup jobs


The  number of New Zealanders working on the television broadcasts for the  Cricket World Cup have been cut by the broadcaster bringing in outside staff for the games being played in New Zealand, says Labour Leader Andrew Little. 

“The New Zealand Film and Video Technicians Guild, which represents many of the workers in the outside broadcast teams, says only around 10 per cent of the workforce will be New Zealanders. Usually up to 60 per cent of the crews employed on such an event would be Kiwis.

“It appears that the broadcast hosts have hired people from across the globe on cheaper contracts. Many of those employed are from India, South Africa and Malaysia. 

“This has already angered Australian workers who have started a petition to get  more Australian staff employed on the broadcasts across the Tasman. They claim their pay rate is being undercut and jobs taken from skilled Australians..

“It is ironic that even the Australians who will be broadcasting the Australian games have been offered better money in their contracts than the New Zealand workers. 

“It’s clear the broadcasting company is used to staging these events in economies where  wage rates are a lot cheaper. They now  want to make a profit by keeping  skilled Kiwis out of the Cup,” says Andrew Little. 

“It is sad that such a great event as the Cricket World Cup will unfortunately mean that New Zealand workers will be bowled  for a duck.”